The literature management of the bachelor thesis

What was a relatively easy exercise in a housework – the administration of the associated literature – can easily get out of hand for larger works.

“Where was the appropriate quote again?”, “Which author should be mentioned here yet?” And “Does that even still belong to my subject?” – Such and similar questions arise in a longer and more intensive study of a scientific topic. Often a quick answer depends on the quality and scope of your own literature management. A well-organized overview is based not only on subject-specific and scientific skills but also on technical skills. Students, who use the extensive possibilities of the office programs, profit enormously: For strictly speaking in programs such as Word and Excel all foundations for a well-ordered administration of online and offline texts.

It pays to have a few thoughts about structure and category system: Depending on the topic of the work, the essays can be provided with the relevant keywords, the different theories in a table can be clearly separated from each other. In its source management, Word not only offers the automatic formatting of the bibliography, but also the option of saving the pages used for the search with the date of retrieval, the URL and the comment.

Because of the flood of literature threatens a loss of the overview of the individual authors, their theses and positions, so it makes sense to characterize each essay and each book in a separate, short text or by keywords.

Because literature management, despite general references, remains a highly individual matter, it is important to find the promising methods yourself – as long as possible before the actual research and paperwork begins. Nothing is more annoying than to find out during the writing that the literature administration does not follow a consistent pattern, and much of the past activities were pointless: in this way, not only valuable working time is lost, but possibly an even more important resource: the motivation.

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