Ghostwriting: The job to the agency

Customers who need a text are often not only under time pressure, but must also choose from a variety of providers. Who does his “homework” is clearly in the advantage.

What is worthwhile in any case is a comparison of the different agencies – not only on the websites that advertise with numerous articles, hints or more or less credible quality features, but also through direct contact, such as a telephone conversation. Because only then does a real picture of the other person emerge, only then can a basis of trust emerge, as it is the basis of every business activity.

Anyone who hires an agency should have informed themselves beforehand, for example about the expected prices. It is true that low-cost providers who promise academic texts for a price per page of less than 40 euros, can often not afford to invest sufficient time in their work. The consequences can be in missing supplies, poor lines of argument or plagiarism, which can be detected with a few online searches.

Keeping in mind how much effort and time must be invested in a text from the level of a master’s thesis or even a dissertation – of library searches, literature searches and procurement of texts – it becomes clear that low-cost providers can only deliver if they all minimize these costs and all their effort.

High-quality agencies know what their work is worth and will barely get involved in lengthy price negotiations. It makes more sense to use the telephone conversation to get to know the background of the agency, to determine the exact contents of the work and to agree the conditions for the text deliveries.

Anyone who thinks that he can threaten with statements like “I’m going somewhere else”, should not be successful: The agency operators know only too well reports, according to which customers have lost money at cheaper competitors and return to a trusted agency after this experience.

Such bitter experiences can be avoided if some time is invested in the search and preparation: this is especially necessary in a market that has a high fluctuation. Only then, if an agency has existed for a long time, it can be assumed that it is also an entrepreneurial success, which is not based on “rip off”, but on honest work and satisfied customers.

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