Ghostwriters support

The title is quite ambiguous. Because it’s not just the ghostwriters who support.

Also understood as imperative, the title works: Because customers can also help their spirits in many ways – and should also do so, if they want to increase the chances for a comprehensive success of the work.

What the client needs of the mind is clear: a good (accurate, well-articulated, well-sounding, quickly delivered and cost-effective) work. Customers who not only want this work, but also want to actively support it, are well advised to put themselves in the position of the ghostwriter and to take his perspective. Ghostwriters need:

Time: If you, as a customer, need 70 pages of academic text within 2 weeks, you will find providers who (and possibly somehow) keep this promise, but a good job will hardly be achieved this way. So it does not do much to contact the ghostwriters until it becomes apparent that the goal is barely achievable.

Direction: The more precise the customer’s specifications are, the more accurately the mind can write. If only approximate ideas exist, a ghostwriter can make maximum suggestions. He must then be able to rely on the feedback from the customer. On the other hand, those who override the concept several times during the writing process not only drive the mind to despair, but also have to reckon with additional work and thus additional costs.

Literature: In some cases, especially for larger works, it is not enough to write a collection of chapter headings. In order to clarify the train of thought within the work, it makes sense to provide the ghostwriter with a bibliography (ideally also the present literature itself). The work then benefits enormously because the writer can then use his working time completely for the evaluation, rather than for the literature search and procurement.

Feedback: It does not matter whether a section of the text written by the ghost hits the bull’s eye or needs improvement – feedback in this regard never hurts. Because on this basis, the next parts of the text can be better adapted.

Anyone who supports his ghostwriter in this way has already laid the foundation for a work that is very close to his ideas.

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